365 days!!!

365 days!!!

Exactly 365 days!


I got on the last flight out of 🇸🇦 back to 🇬🇧 to be with my family this time last year. On leaving, I was convinced “that’s it Fahad, dream is over, you need to look for a job”.

However, a read in a book once:

“They plan. God plans. God is the best of planners”

(obviously the ‘book’ I’m referring to is the Quran for those who don’t appreciate the art of being subtle 🤦🏽)


In the last 365 days...

~ we secured and delivered ~$ multi-million of traditional consulting business + built a USD 5m pipeline for this year.

~ successfully launched Boost | Consulting Redefined and created a sustainable brand and profitable business

~ recruited 15 full time resources

~ trained 300 people in core consulting skills - with no end in sight.

~ raised ~ $10,000 for charity ($990k to go)

... all this without a penny of external funding and while being 5,000km from my closest client.


Jointeamboost.com is just getting started.