I’m officially a subscriber…

$20 a month … it’s a bargain.

I see #chatgpt as the analyst I never had.

- Does what I tell it to do (almost)
- Does research (kind of)
- Doesn’t really do MS excel / or numbers
- Speaks perfect English
- Super smart and will probably take my job

Wait a minute … ChatGPT sounds a lot like Aneesa Kazi 🤣😭

Jokes aside…

…at the very least, it helps me save a lot of time creating ‘fill’ content. But anyone who is dismissive of the technology in the consulting world is in for a (very avoidable) surprise.

I think the people who don’t / won’t get ‘it’ are those who think you use ChatGPT as a replacement for google search.


The average google search description is like 3 words / takes < 10 seconds (I made this up)

… but for me to create ‘valuable’ content on ChatGPT took me 10-15 mins of prompting per request . Before I saw any useful outputs.

You’re safe Aneesa (for the time being…)

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