I love music. Specifically, hip-hop ❤️

However, I’m at that age where the new stuff just doesn’t make sense to me...

🤮 The opioid references
🤮 The actual violence
🤮 The WAP

So I closed myself off to all new music until I came across #NipseyHussle. His music is incredible but what drew me into liking him even more was his approach to business.

NH had put up his album online for free. But if you want a physical copy, of which only 100 were made, you needed to pay $1,000.


Why would anyone pay for something if you can get it for free? His answer:

“The highest human act is to inspire. Inspiration is the metric that dictates whether or not a project is a success”.

This hit me hard.

So this weekend, taking inspiration from Nipsey, I went super geek and built a website for #TeamBoost. A platform designed to inspire the next wave of consulting talent.

Fundamentally, you get access to everything that BoostAcademy does which is 100% free - but you pay if it inspires you to do something great!

... I released it this morning and ~20% of BoostAcademy users have already signed up to join #TeamBoost


What do you guys think?

#RIPNipseyHussle #Proud2Pay