Business Plan


At Boost, we are experts in building focused Business Plans

  • Until now, it has been near impossible to get a business plan prepared at a price point suitable for entrepreneurs and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) without compromising on quality.

  • Boost’s business plan’s are built over a two-day immersive working session where you are involved every step of the way – working hand in hand with our consultants – all of whom are Ex-MBB or Ex-Big4.

  • In this 48 period, we detail your:

    • Strategy: Vision, mission, values and objectives and high level performance infrastructure

    • Business Model: Value proposition, cost drivers, revenue drivers, unit economics

    • Operating Model: We look at the key processes underpinning your value proposition and build a suitable organization accordingly

    • Go-to market plan: Price, Product, Placement and promotion

    • Financial model: Scenario analysis, P&L forecasts and returns analysis in line with your business needs

Frequently asked questions

How do you build a complete business plan in ~1 week? 

  • We build business plans every single day. In doing so, we have identified the key elements needed to substantiate business decisions and focus on those elements.  

  • On average, this is approx. 50 pages and a financial model which can be updated as required.