#TeamBoost BASIC


For less than what you spend on Starbucks coffee a week, #TeamBoost Basic empowers individuals by teaching them the same core consulting skills used by MBB and Big 4 management consultants.

  • Learn core problem solving skills as used by the world's leading consulting firms by attending virtual sessions conducted by ex-MBB and Big4 consultants. We discuss a variety of relevant topics including strategy, transformation, business planning, financial modelling and valuations. Our sessions also include industry experts to help contextualize learning and facilitate networking.

  • Access a community of professionals building their capabilities & network to be tomorrow's leaders. The community consists of like minded individuals whom we actively encourage to network inline with our objective of removing the barriers of entry to the Management Consulting Industry and knowledge. It does not matter who you are, where you have studied or whether you have spent time in prison, all we ask for is respect and commitment towards each other. 

  • Join dedicated workshops and get one on one time with ex-MBB and Big4 consultants where they can answer specific questions you may have about anything and everything! 

Frequently asked questions

Who is #TeamBoost for? 

  • Everyone. Whether you are studying, looking for a job, an entrepreneur, an experienced professional wanting to learn new skills and get advice from professional consultants, #TeamBoost is for you. 

What do you learn in the training sessions?

  • We teach core consulting skills used by management consultants. This includes: 
    • Problem solving like a consultant using case studies

    • Core analysis needed to justify decisions e.g. Financial modelling
    • How to prepare content like consultants

    • Key communication skills needed to succeed 

    • Industry sessions delivered by Subject Matter Experts

How are the training sessions organized?

  • Training sessions are organized over LinkedIn events. Follow Boost Consulting Redefined to learn more. 

Who is in the #TeamBoost community?

  • Everyone... from job seekers, to young professionals, executives & CEOs, to government officials. The community is built on respect and a commitment to help each other achieve greater things. If this resonates, #TeamBoost is for you too.

How long do I have access for? 

  • 12 months

Join 1000s of people that have already benefited from joining #TeamBoost