Post PPT?

Post PPT?

What if I told you there is a future without PPT for management consultants 😵

*See video*

I get a lot of questions about my doodles... 🤨

~ do you really do them live? YES

Consultants are super smart - we usually know the answer going into a problem ... but the time taken to produce content, have it formatted, reviewed by a partner then sent to a client slows things down dramatically. That’s why we started LIVE content...

- do you rehearse content? NO

Each of our sessions are attended by 30-50 people. We do them four times a week and will increase this to daily - would be impossible to rehearse this much content consistently while running the other parts of the business.

- Are you good at drawing? Kind of ...

... but the real skill is engaging people, storyboarding and problem solving on the go. The doodles are an outcome of all of this.


In the Zoom / Teams world we live in... I would encourage everyone to learn the basics of doodling / LIVE content. It’s a skill - which means you can learn it with practice.

In fact, we have been asked by an international consultancy to train their directors and partners on how to do LIVE slides.

Just know Boost | Consulting Redefined did it first... 😇