TedX is not ready...

TedX is not ready...

According to Harvard Business Review:

“Covid-19 pandemic could weaken your organization’s culture ... because people can’t meet in person”.

Made me think... what is Boost | Consulting Redefined’s culture? And why has it worked so well despite 90% of us having never physically met?


Technical answer: Our organizational culture reflects the same value systems needed to build and sustain real friendships.

Non-technical answer: ‘We are all bros’ (even Dana Fateh whom I’ve also never met).

This is TEDx worthy insights. Hear me out.

I call EVERYONE ‘bro’ (I’m from London 🤷🏽‍♂️)

~ team

~ clients (yup)

~ mentors


- It totally nullifies preconceived hierarchy.

- ... but it reinstitutionizes hierarchy (as needed)

- It’s universal (culture / religion / age / sex agnostic)

- it’s an extension of how meaningful friendships are built

- it’s 100% based on empathy

... “oh but Boost | Consulting Redefined is only 15 people”


... we have built the exact same culture in #TeamBoost ~ 300 people.

I’m telling you ‘bro culture’ is real. Not to be confused with ‘dude, bruhh or mate’ culture.

If you know, you know.

Be a bro and jointeamboost.com ❤️

Someone get me on to TedX already...