Unicorn formula

Unicorn formula

In yesterday’s session, I made up the unicorn formula ... but it’s applicable to every start up / business.

1) Tech / product / service: What


2) Users: Who


3) Cash generation (potential): Why

... we used this formula to breakdown why Clubhouse has been so successful in such a short period of time.

~ Tech: Seems pretty straight forward... iOS only.

~ Users: They crushed this... FOMO / exclusivity: 6.5 million users

~ Cash: No clear signs of how they will monetize

Valuation = $1.2 billion last time I checked...

... Damn (MashaAllah)

My non-technical view of this:

If you can successfully create a community / a user base for anything, you’re onto a winner - as long as you figure out how to make money from it (eventually).


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